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FLIGHT:  The Powered Parachute is the best way to experience human flight. It is edge of your seat open cockpit flying. It feels almost like you are hovering which makes it the perfect observation platform.  Cruising speed is approximately 60-70kph, which is fast 5 feet of the ground but very slow, smooth and gentle once you start to climb. The higher you go the slower it feels.

SAFETY:  The Powered Parachute is one of, if not the safest type of aircraft in the world for the simple reason its flying wing is a Parachute, designed to reduce the rate of fall to a safe level. By adding power (thrust) we have the ability to make it climb instead of decline therefore if your engine fails you still have steering control and can decline and land as a sky diver would.

TRAINING:  To fly a Powered Parachut you are required to complete a 15 hour course by an approved  Instructor after which you will receive your Pilot certificate from RAA or HGFA.

BASIC RULES:  You can fly your Powered Parachute to Maximum height of 5000ft AMSL (above sea level). The minimum height is 500ft unless flying over property with the owner’s permission. Most areas outside metropolitan area are suitable. You cannot fly at night or in controlled airspace, e.g., 8 KM from a licensed airfield.

RUNWAYS: You do not require a runway, any reasonably level paddock is ample. The take of distance varies depending on temperature/humidity/altitude/take of weight (TOW) Approximately 50 to150 meters.

TRANSPORT:  Your Powered Parachute will fit on a medium size trailer which means it is easily transported and stored. No hangars necessary. Take it anywhere you like easily.

SET UP:  Your Powered Parachute only requires you to set up for flight which takes about 10min including engine warm up. Packing up takes less than 5min.

MAINTENANCE:  You can do most of the maintenance your self by simply greasing moving parts, changing spark plugs, there is less maintenance than a motorcycle or mower.

WHO CAN FLY:  Almost anyone can fly. If you are medically fit to drive a motor vehicle or hold a drivers license you can fly, if you can drive a car you can fly a Powered Parachute, it’s easy!

CLUBS:  If you don’t own land to fly from you can ask land owners to fly from their land, offer them a free flight or a small amount of money, they might even give you annual access for a fair price, alternatively there are Powered Parachute clubs that hold regular Fly-ins (gatherings) at regular or various locations which you are welcome to participate in. You will meet people that own land and will be happy to let you fly there.