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A lot has happened since the SPRINT’S release back in 2007. The SPRINT easily completed its 25 hour preliminary test period subject to everything I could throw at it including 40 landings, many hard to test the overall airframe strength and durability. It has proven to be a very comfortable, stable, smooth and fast machine suited to any one with  little experience that enjoys flying solo as I do. The SPRINT now enjoys full RAA registration like any other aircraft and is available in dual side by side.

The GENESIS ELITE S2 is well past testing and has to be one of the most comfortable, gentle, user friendly Powered Parachutes available. The HYBRID MKII 500sq-ft APCO parachute lifts like a feather with little power required and fly’s very stable. It turns on a dime with little or no effort at all. After experimenting and testing various wings I am convinced that there is nothing available that even comes close. What makes the GENESIS such a wonderful aircraft apart from the detail and quality appointments is that the airframe is designed with three attachment points to hang the parachute. So you can effectively simply move the parachute forward or back to maintain centre of gravity as the load changes from 1 to 2 persons. For example, there are two positions for solo flight, large person and small person and there are two positions for twin flight, 2 smaller people and 2 larger people. This basically means the centre of gravity is always accurate allowing the wing maximum air penetration allowing the aircraft to fly correctly, efficiently and economically. To make these adjustments is done simply by moving the quick links forward or back. No adding or removing additional weight bars or links is necessary.

In the cabin/cockpit we have fitted the harnesses with quick release links so that you can remove one and centre the other for solo flight in minutes. That way you don’t have to carry the second harness all the time. The steering controls/toggles can also be moved in minutes from the centre dual position to the outer sides for more comfort and a better view when flying solo.

The new CHALLENGER is similar to and built on the same proven platform/frame as the GENESIS ELITE S2 but is not as detailed and well appointed. It is intended as an entry level more affordable aircraft with the same performance as the GENESIS ELITE S2 and high quality construction as all our models. The CHALLENGER offers the cheapest Powered Parachute alternative in the country.

To offer peace of mind for some, we have no intension of going through the factory approval process which would see our models with a factory certification. We don't care to build repetative identical planes over and over and therefore only offer our models under the RAA 51% rule – amatuer/homebuilt category in which every single aircraft we build is inspected and signed off by a CASA/RAA approved  L4.

Most of our models are available in Single, dual side by side or dual tandem and can be modified or customized to suit individual requirements.