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Training requires 15 hours of instruction under an HGFA/RAA approved Chief Flying Instructor (CFI). There are student training facilities in most states. Whether you purchase a second hand, new, imported, or homebuilt PPC you will be required to obtain your pilot certificate to fly legally. AAA FASTERWAY recommend one of the following Powered Parachute training facilities for their approach to training students in the Powered Parachute of their choice. To my knowledge I also believe one of the Powered Parachute Instructors listed below offers the HIGHEST rates available anywhere on the planet. If you purchase a new Powered Parachute from AAA FASTERWAY or you already own your own imported or second hand Powered Parachute you can hopefully complete your training when hell freezes over. GOOD LUCK!

Fixed wing and experienced PPC Instructor. Flexible and affordable. PH: 0408 787 018

Brett Pearson: Chief Flying Instructor "I believe Brett to be a little confused!"

AEROCHUTE IND (VIC) Call someone who cares? Extremely Expensive! GOOD LUCK?
"I truly believe a few bottom feeders rely on and worship their existance" TOO BUSY? 

HAWKESBURY PPC CENTRE (NSW) Graeme Hutchinson: CFI and PE?
"I beleive Hutcho to be a master of manipulation, coertion and brown nosing!

"I cant confirm if QLD have a CFI, but I bet if they do, or I have
 missed anyone it is because they are not important and are all bred from the same farm!

Our Powered Parachute sport as we know it is constantly enduring an
ongoing war for independence. There are some unscrupulous shady operators
within our industry at most levels. Some of them hold CFI ratings and pride
themselves on such privileges as PILOT EXAMINERS of which I believe
some don't deserve as their only intention is to maintain and control their
monopoly of sales and training as they have done so for the last 20 years..

There are only 6 certified and current Powered Parachute Instructors in Australia I beleive, including the above mentioned CFI's. Just ask them what they are selling and if they are willing to train you if you dont wish to purchase their product. If they say yes... BEWARE!  Dont dare ask them what they charge unless you are willing to spend time in ICU following severe cardiac arrest! Please feel free to share any information with us so we can challenge this unlawful cartel style of behavior!

AAA FASTERWAY, among others are waiting in anticipation for hell to freeze over so that our industry can prosper and move forward to the benefit of all with much needed INDEPENDENT INSTRUCTORS!