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All our aircraft are built to high quality standards. Aircraft grade and certified CASA approved alloy and chrome molly steel is used on all aircraft where strength, safety and durability is required. We provide certificates with the aircraft. All our aircraft are initially subject to 5 hours of rigorous flight testing to make certain they fly correctly and reliably including in shop weight and stress testing.

Every single aircraft we produce is inspected and signed off by a CASA/RAA approved L4.


The fuselage (chassis/main rails) your aircraft is built on is round tube 5 mm thick 6061 high strength alloy.

The cockpit (cabin) is 2.5mm thick mild steel welded and braced for exceptional strength. It’s a little heavier than alloy but stronger, which makes it the obvious choice in the event of a roll over situation. We can make it out of chrome moly steel (stronger again) on request.

The wheel axles are made from solid 2024 high strength alloy ¾ inch (19mm) thick to save weight but to also maintain strength. The front 20mm

The main landing wheels fitted are solid machined one piece alloy fitted with maintenance free high speed bearings and ATV tubeless tyres. Even with a flat tyre you can still land safely. The front a strong robust motocross wheel fitted with a pneumatic tyre.

The seats, fuel cell and rear axle, are fixed with aircraft grade documented and certified CASA approved 6061 alloy / 4130N chrome moly tube for strength, durability and reliability.

The fuel cells are constructed from Tig welded 5051 alloy and feature aviation safety foam and a sump to ensure fuel pickup at all angles.

Nolethane bushes are fitted to reduce engine vibration ensuring a smoother more comfortable flight.

Brakes, our aircraft come standard with a hydraulic disc brake.

All electrical wiring and accelerator cables are discretely concealed within the fuselage tubing where possible.

Ignition switches are located with brake lever in easy reach.

All aircraft are quality finished with polished alloy, chrome and Deluxe - Pearl Effects Powder coating or your alternative choice.

All aircraft are constructed within the guidelines of the Recreational Aviation Amateur Built process, which allows the freedoms and flexibility for anyone to build, design, manufacture and fly their own aircraft. This product is an Amateur built aircraft and is not required to conform to the standards for type certified aircraft.